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Yes, I admit. I've been hiding. In my books and even some writing but mostly writing and TV (old TV).
There is alot of bad going on and while I'd prefer not to go into everything here, out in public I'd just like to apologise to everyone that I've ignored and bascially hidden away from.

I'm sorry. I hope that you read this and knwo that it's for you.
Happy New Years to everyone!!!

I've been thinking about what I really need this year. What I REALLY NEED.

And so my resolution is not take shite from anyone anymore. I've realized that I've been too nice to everyone, everywhere and I have to say I'm sick and tired of having people walk all over and take advantage of me. I've had it. If you want something, get it yourself. I'm sick and tired of having family and friends think that they can stick their kids and pets on me like I couldn't possibly have plans of my own.
Hi how is everyone doing? I've been out of the loop for quite some time. I've been reading reading reading. So much that I haven't written or edited anything in over a year. I've been keeping a close eye on my 15 year old. Yes I said 15 yar old boy, who by the way looks more and more like a small version of Gerard Way. He's got little girls screaming his name in the street. I find it quite funny and a little alarming. I'm still gushing about him to everyone I meet. He's a musical prodigy (in my mind anyway)
Anyway, he's at a delicate age and I have to be on my toes.
So that's abou it for now. I'll try to get back on the net soon but my present job doesn't allow this much.
Hey everyone.

I know that I haven't been on this is so long that no one knows me anymore.
But I've been reading Twilight and various other books that I'm really excited about. Just wanted to know if anyone would care to discuss???
Although, my current job does not allow me to use the net as readily as I'd like I get bits and peices when I get a chance.

I really miss you all. ALOT
Ok who's finished it?

I just finished it and oh MY GODDDD!!!!!!!!!!
If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?

I would name myself Luna. Because my name means Goddess of the Moon and Luna means moon in Latin
My boss has gone on vacation with is family. FINALLY. I've been here at my new job for almost 6 months and have not had a moments rest. But I do have to admit I am having fun. AND they don't give me work that wasn't in my job description. It's a much more creative position than my last job.

I sold my condo in order to pay for the new house that is being built (which BTW- will be completely finished by the first week of August) Henry, Gabe and I have been basically stuck in a tiny one bedroom apartment while the house is completed trying not to kill each other. Gabe had a bit of a rough time this year at school. He's fallen behind in Math but it is working out well I've gotten him some extra help in that subject over the summer.

Henry lost his job so he's looking for a new one for the last month and he's stressed enough with all the house stuff.

All in all we're OK but it sort of feels like we are in limbo. Just waiting. I have no internet access at home whatsoever and my boss's desk is facing my screen and he doesn't let me go online. So that sucks but the good part is he's going to be away for 10 days in Sept. and I hope I'll be able to type up the remainder of my Laby story and my wolf story that I have over at fictionpress.com Because I don't feel like myself if I can't write. And I'll be set up at home by that time. I hope.

I miss you all horribly.

Oh I've decided that the time has come for me to get my license. I'm going to get it because I have my eye on little Honda fit. They are just so adorable
Here I am, still at my old job counting the minutes that will be my last. Thinking about all the nutty things I did and didn't do. I got here when I was 25 years old (still a kid by some standards) with the idea of learning learning learning. I had hoped to open my own business one day but right now at the ripe old age of 31 I still feel too young for such an adventure. The taste of freedom is so bittersweet. I feel like the people here are my family. My old boss even cried when I told her I had accepted another job. I'm saddened but excited with the prospect of new knowledge. Trading my comfort for the unknown is so overwhelming. Even though, my interview (over 3 weeks ago) was more of a personality test I still feel afraid at not getting along with my new coworkers. Hey, it happens. And I know that not everyone has to like you but when you see these people everyday it helps to actually like them and I so love the people her at my current job. I'll miss skipping down the long hallway or even taking a running start and sliding down to the reception area (it's all carpeted at the new place), the party Fridays (when my boss and his plaything would take off) with it's family style lunches and music playing over the intercom. Being a few blocks away from the Time Square where just about every celebrity goes to be seen.

My co-workers are taking me out for a drink after work today. Because tomorrow is my last day here. The last day I will have to make my boss cappuccino @ 10am and again @ 2pm. The last day I will walk across hard wood floors that lead me to my office with the full view of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I will miss them but it had to be done. Maybe now HE will know that you can't take advantage of your employees and overload them with your play things responsibilities. Throw as much money as you want at them but people get sick and tired of being used.

On the upside I hope to have more time to be here reading and writing and catching up with all of you. I've so missed you. I feel like it's been years and yet I think of all of you every day. Pink, Westie, Mcfly, GT, Alorin, Eyefeather, etc etc.

Miss ya all.
I've got a new job.

I'm starting on the 15th and already told them here that I was going to go. My old boss (office manager) starting crying and she made me cry.

I'm really gonna miss them but not You know who (I ain't talking about Voldemort). I'm excited but sad at the same time.

BTW-I think that fact that I read fantasy books got me the job. I'm currently reading Bram Stoker's Dracula and mentioned it at the interview (i'm such a dork) but the president really perked up when he heard that and told me to finish it up and get The Historian.

I'm off to read your entries.
I have a little time to post and to read. Heehee

It's been a while since I've been on here and believe me I miss it and all of my Goddesses.

I'm gonna try to catch up when my boss (Jewish) is out for Hanuka (SP?) And try to update and quite possibly finish ROTR. And by finish I mean type up.

I haven't been able to find a job and I've been at it for almost 2 months now. I'm hoping that it has to do with the timing. (Christmas and all)

I snuck into the construction site last weekend, just out of curiosity, to see how far along they are. I took my camera and recorded my journey. They said we should be moving in by March but I'm not so sure.

The biggest change and shock has been that Gabriel has a girlfriend. I'm not too happy about it and haven't had the serious talk with him about it yet but the worst was that he didn't tell me I had to find out about it through a girl in his class (who turns out is jealous and that was the only reason she told me). I told him I think he is too young still (13) but he says he is the only boy who has never had a girlfriend and she is the only girl who hasn't had a boyfriend. I don't want to be a stick in the mud but I think that I need to talk to this girl's mother and see what she thinks. Henry said it should be fine as long as they go to each others houses and get driven everywhere. I still don't like it but I remember clearly what it was like to have a parent forbid me from seeing someone. It only makes them more attractive and exciting.

Anyway, Henry's new moving business has it's slow moments and it's busy moments. We are getting by for now but he's already showing signs of back problems and I didn't want to say it but I told him so.

Well I just wanted to say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanuka or Kwanza or whatever to everyone.
I'm sorry, guys. I have not abandoned you guys.

I am 90% positive that I will be let go after the holidays and have been looking for new employment the last month of so. I CAN NOT be out of a job right now with my buying the new house so I have been all about job hunting and lawyers, and contracters. Not to mention watching my back at work.

Anyway, I have not forgotten any of you and try to get on here and read as much as I can. Even though I haven't been able to comment as much, I am still here.

I miss you guys!!!
I know it's been a while but it seems like we all have been taking time off of this community and especially LJ because of various personal reasons.

Excuses and rantingsCollapse )

Anyway, my grandpa is still the same. I've been over there twice a week for so long that I may as well have them move in with me.    Every time I get there he's sitting in the living room in the dark and grandma is in the bedroom watching TV.  

Now that I've spend so much time with them my grandma has been revealing some details of their lives before they came to the USA.  And I'm kinda shocked at  the new revelations.   It seems that my grandpa was a ladies man.  Before and even after my grandparents were married.  It was like a lightbulb lit up above my head.  It's guilt!!!!
He's feeling guilty.  Maybe, I'll need to delve deeper into their lives a bit more.  

Message for all the girlies on my Friends-listCollapse )

I still love ya.

I'm off to comment like crazy

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Fun stuffCollapse )
Things are still a little iffy at work so I’m trying my best not to fool around on the net (though I really miss you guys). So good buy for now and as soon as I get the audio for the concert I’ll upload as much as I can.
Oh god my grandpa has been taken to the hospital.  I'm gonna have to go after work. 

I hope he's OK   :(
I had the weirdest experience last weekend.  Henry and I drove  upstate New York to see about one of Henry's cousin who was having a hard time with her husband (restraing order, threats on their children, really bad stuff).  We were worried after she didn't call for over a week and feared the worst.  SO we headed out there.  We'd never been there before but thought maybe we could help in some way.  They live a very rural town.  I mean there were miles between each house.  Now being a city gal I'm used to house being on top of house with absolutely no land whatsoever.  So I'm staring out the window at the sweet little farms, with the cows and the horses remembering this ranch my parents used to take us kids to during the summer.  When we finally get to the house.  IT's cute little white house with a little chicken coup in the back.  We walked in and all 5 kids were on a twin bed.  I was horrified.  They weren't dirty or anything but upon further inspection I noticed there was not even a crumb of food in the entire house.  I looked at Henry and told him "we need to do something here."  We sat down with his cousin and went over everything.  Her husband (some italian guy)  has been beatinnher and the children for the past 3 years and threatening them all with deportation.  I'm shocked that this is the first we've heard of this.  She is a distant relative but her mom has been at our house at least a dozen times.    At this point I was so livid I had to leave the house.  I was standing in the middle of the yard staring at the land around us not a soul for miles.
"This guy knew what he was doing.  You could scream and scream out here and no one will hear you" I said to Henry.  

We went to the closest store we could find. A Walmart  and bought as much dried food as we could and bought a futon mattress. But as soon
as we walked in it was like the whole world stood still.  Every person in that store turned to look at us like we were martians.   I've never felt more uncomfortable in my life.    We had Walmart employees trailing us like we were going to steal something.  Henry grabbed my hand and pulled me along I was so scared we were going to be beaten.  

I have never in my life felt this kind of discrimination.  When we got to the cashier he gave this disgusted look like our money was tainted or something.  This is really naive of me to say but I didn't know that there were still places like this.  I was so happy I hadn't brought Gabe along.  Even Henry was shaking.  When we were safely back in the van I started to cry.   We drove back to his cousin's house and I told her that she needed to get the heck out of that town.  

An hour away from the largest melting pot in the world that is New York City there is a town that time forgot.  A town where not everyone is welcome. A town full of hate,of fear and of ignorance.   I fear what would have happened to me had I decided to go into that Walmart alone or had Henry gone in on his own.  I more afraid at the fact that now I realize that the majority of the country is like this.  If you leave a big city like NY, DC, Los Angeles, the probablity of finding towns like this are highly likely.  Esp. for people like us.  Gabe wouldn't have a hard time because I think his blood has been diluted enough but Henry is tan with Native features.    My skin may be pale but my hair and my eyes give my heritage away.  I may need to do something about this.  But what can I do?  What?
Taken from the lovely Mcfly85 and goblinqueen74

Reply and I'll give you a random letter, and you have to find five songs that start with that letter and post them to your journal. Mcfly has given me the letter A....

As the World Falls Down- Bowie BABY!!!!!
Ashes to Ashes-Another Bowie
Age Of Consent by New Order
A Place To Call My Own by Peter Gabriel
After The Glitter Fades by Stevie Knicks

This is harder than it looks
I think she may have eaten my boss's brain. He's been really irritable with me lately and I think it may be her doing.

Someone else got the ax last Friday and I'm afraid I amy be next. Right now is not a good time with the house deal and all.

I'm nervous.

Oh crap I need to fix up my resume'

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: cheese, cheese, cheese!!!! Yes. I like many of my friends, have weakness for all things drenched in cheese. If no.t for my lactose issues I would eat the stuff by the handfuls
Literary: all fanfiction You know I realize that these are mainly unpublished author's but I can't believe the talent that is out there. I'm amazed and overwhelmed at the vast number.
Audiovisual: old classics Singing in the rain is my fav and so is Wizard of Oz. And Cabaret" I know that Liza is a gay icon but I just loved her since I first saw her sing, "Life is a cabaret old chum..."
Musical: all 80's pop I can't help it. It's just good ear worm music that just won't let you go
Celebrity: Celebrity Gossip Ok so I watch Extra and Access Hollywood. So what! Sue me. I know that I am part of teh problem of why our society honors stick figures and their metrosexual, manwhore boyfriends. I can't help it. I even go to eonline.com to the gossip section on my lunch break. BUT I read the gossip on my fav TV shows.

Now I tag:-

We are in the middle of a massive blackout in my town.  No electricity anywhere.  All businesses are closed, the traffic lights are just not up.  

2 days without air conditioning and yesterday it reached 110 degrees F.  I thought we were gonna die.  We haven't slept right in 2 days.  My mom has gone into the city to a hotel to be a tourist in her own hometown.  Me, I have become a fugitive of the heat.  I have defected to NJ to my inlaws.  Poolside. I am happy.  I'm sure my boss will not be but I'm going in late if I go in at all.

Well,  I better get off my brother in laws computer as he may need it.

Love you all Hope you are all having a better summer than I but all in all I am happy!!!
Hello I am 4 year old SynD